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Website "A Few Short Stories" notes.
Line # Number Story titles: Media
1 A1 Guido in London Video
2 A2 Alan Krause in Itlay Audio
3 A3 Bill Skutnick in Okinawa Audio
4 A4 Tim Terry moved to Bloomington Photos
5 B1 Checked watch at Heathkit Audio
6 B2 Interview with Tom Everett Audio
7 B3 Catching the floor guy in the Lab Photos
8 B4 Caught guard robbing vending machines Video
9 C1 Earthquake in Northridge - night before - Sidney over toolbelt Photos
10 C2 Tornado in Martinsville Video
11 C3 Sequencer fix in Queens & Zenith in Taiwan Audio
12 C4 Fix at Honeywell in Minneapolis Audio
13 D1 Squirrel hunting in Columbus - wrong one & contact lens Audio
14 D2 Wandering 'air' drill Audio
15 D3 B-52 - loose bomb - U-Tapao, Thailand Photos
16 D4 Hadrian's Wall - visit to Fenwick Tower near Newcastle Photos
17 Catagories:
18 A Small world
19 B Job related events - Part 1
20 C Job related events - Part 2
21 D Other experiences